Gourmet Menu

Chef Antonio di Padova


“Primosale” Cheese with Gazpacho, Savoy Cabbage and Caper’s Flowers (€15)

Beef Tartare with Crispy Egg Yolk, Truffle and Pecorino Cheese (€16)

Cod in Cooking Oil, Beluga Lentilsand Squid Ink (€16)

Octopus with Erbs and roasted Potato Cream (€15)



Spaghettone “Rummo Selection” with sweet Pepper cream, Anchovy and Dried Pork Jowl (€12)

Risotto with Beetrot and Creamy Pecorino Cheese (€15)

Tortelli stuffed with Black Pisano Beef with Tomato Confit (€16)



Doublr cooked Lamb with Yoghurt, Potatoes, Green Sauce and “Borretane” Onions (€23)

Beef Fillet with Potato cubes and Chards (€25)

Piglet cooked at Low Temperature with Apples, Potatoes and Citrus sauce (€22)

Low Temperature Cooking Fish Fillet with Vegetables (€20)



Tiramisù “My Way” with cofee heart (€8)

Granny’s Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream Quenelle (€8)

Chocolate heart Flan with Custard, hazelnut ice cream and Maldon Salt (€8)